Kona: Days 2-3

Last night I was exhausted… Tonight I’m exhausted but we got back to the hotel in time for me to take off the 75 pics from today to add with yesterday’s blog pics… (oh geez…)  Luckily, yesterday was just a loungy-beach day – ENJOY!

The boys body surfing…


I was peeved since I’m blaming San Fran nightmare for getting sick!! My throat is on fire! Monday I ate a whole box of cough drops, Tuesday I added decongestant & more throat drops to the mix… UGH… Lack of sleep, stress from 3 missed flights will do that to a girl…  Luckily, I chilled in back with the camera & watched Rondi & Lilly build sand castles…


HAHAHAHA!  She kicked it all down – CRASH!

Tuesday was a sight see day in that we drove around the island & still were chill with the ‘touristy’ agenda…  We were referred to a breakfast place (will have to post pics tomorrow, left phone in the car & is dead! lol don’t call me!) but we shared a breakfast & it was like breakfast for 4!!  I’m going to submit it to Triple D!  Thanks Sarah!! ;)

We then drove up & around the island through Hilo (where the cruise ships dock) and down back through to Kona.  We found a Botanical Gardens that was awesome!  Here’s a bunch of cool pics –

the drive to the rain forest

the drive to the rain forest

Grandma Madeline's favorite purple morning glories

Grandma Madeline’s favorite purple morning glories

odd hanging flower / fruit (& me!)

odd hanging flower / fruit (& me!)

They had SOOO many ‘ginger’ plants I couldn’t count!  Here I just know what the root looks like!  They had plants & trees from everywhere in the world!  Malaysia, all tropical regions and closer like CA & other warm, mainland states….

Hah!! Called a "Cannonball" Tree!

Hah!! Called a “Cannonball” Tree!


leaves grow like moss 'stuck' on side of tree...

leaves grow like moss ‘stuck’ on side of tree…

"pink feathers"

“pink feathers”

We even had the original ‘caretakers’ in the burial / sacred ground & the original carving from the tree!!

4 spots :(

4 spots :(

Original tree (left) remains from carving!

Original tree (left) remains from carving!

Then we drove over to Volcanos National Park to see the lava & eruptions!! OK, so we need to pack a dinner, some cocktails, head over at night & go on a several mile hike to actually see anything… Just a bunch of sulfur steam during the day… The videos are more impressive… BUT TOMORROW!!!  OOOOOOHHHH BIIIIGGGG PLANS!! ;)



Mt. Kilauea active 'hole'

Mt. Kilauea active ‘hole’

I leave you with a “Happy Holidays” pic from the beach… Stay warm!!

sand snowman

sand snowman


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  1. Natasha Willis says:

    Awesome Pics! Keep em comin!

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